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Automated, End-to-End OTC Desk

BEACON OTC empowers dealers, brokers, & exchanges to upgrade from dealing on instant messengers & voice with a robust platform solution that can efficiently scale your OTC business and generate more revenue. White label the platform with your branding for a turnkey solution that creates a distinct product offering exclusively for your clients.

Provide 24/7 Pricing to Clients

Pricing engine

Integrate your own price feed or peg to a liquidity provider to provide an automated, marketable RFQ or dealable streaming price. Complete flexibility for providing actionable pricing to your clients so they can trade 24/7 without needing a trader involved.

Source Liquidity

Trade with counterparties that you already know and trust, or tap into current top-tier liquidity providers in Mercury’s ecosystem, including:

  • B2C2
  • Cumberland
  • DV Chain
  • Genesis
  • Wintermute
  • Enigma Securities

Spread Markups

Automatically enhance the spread by marking up the bid or ask to customize the prices delivered to your customers. Create multiple client groups to deliver VIP clients the best prices while extracting higher profit margins from less price-sensitve clients.

Order Flexibility

Provide clients with a simplified experience to transact only on a market-based RFQ or market order basis, or add limit order support so clients can place resting orders at specific price levels with your spread markup calculations automatically included.

Effectively Manage Trading Activities

Book Management

Automatically offset risk in a back-to-back trade with your preferred liquidity provider or manage client deal flow against inventory already in your book. You have complete flexibility for how you manage your OTC book.

High-Touch Trades

Take orders via IM & phone and use the order ticket to quote a firm price to your client that dynamically calculates the spread markup and goes through the same automated workflow as-if the client was placing the trade on the electronic platform.

Amplify Trading

Connect to the leading spot exchanges in the world in order to conduct exchange operations or trade crypto options, futures, & perpetual swaps at the top derivatives exchanges for enhanced risk management or to create OTC options & structured products.

Efficiently Support Clients & Run Operations

Apply Limits

Set collateral & trading limits with predefined configurations. Options to pull account values from your official books & records system, schedule a daily file upload, or manage manually. Provide trusted clients with credit limits so they can trade freely and without interuption.

Track Revenue

See spread markup revenue accumulate in real-time as client trading activity occurs and drill down into individual trades to track the trade price delivered to the client, the price of the offsetting trade with the liquidity provider, and all event details during the trade lifecycle.

Integrated chat

Full chat integration means no searching for order IDs or flipping from instant messenger back to the trading platform. Compliance-friendly recordkeeping saves more time to spend on client business.

Custody & Banking

We will integrate to your preferred custodians and banking providers to provide real-time settlement & asset swapping, pull firm & client balances into the platform, conduct pre-trade buying power checks, & more.

Retail-Friendly platform + API

Simple Yet Powerful

The client-facing platform helps you win & retain clients with a browser-based app for desktop, laptop, & mobile that delivers the essentials for crypto investing. Do more business with high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and other investors by giving them a powerful app without needing to be a sophisticated trader.


Choose which platform modules make the most sense for your customers. The platform features can be scaled up or down to meet your clients in their individual comfort zone and delivered as a 100% standalone white label product or fully-integrated into your own platform offering.

Robust API SuiTE

Want to own & control the UI/UX for your own app and simply need an API to power things behind the scenes? No problem! We have APIs to stream prices & automate the dealing workflows, integrate into your systems for buying power checks & settlement processes, and more.

BEACON OTC for Clients

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