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Why Mercury Digital Assets

Decades of experience building first-rate financial technology products and value-enhancing trading ecosystems.

We are your best partner for navigating the crypto asset markets


Our first-class team has a track record of success creating high-performance trading systems for derivatives brokerages & clearing firms, FX dealers & brokers, asset managers & active traders, and derivatives & cryptocurrency exchanges.


The crypto asset world is competitive and fast-moving. We deliver solutions and support to help you boldly capture market share and capitalize on opportunities to grow your business. Built on trust, our solutions amplify your digital asset business.


Our team was entrusted with delivering key platform components for approximately half of the US equity options exchanges. Around 25% of daily order flow for US equity options transacted through systems that we designed and built.


Your needs are our priority. We own and develop proprietary technology, so anything you want can be designed, built, and delivered. Crypto moves fast, so you need the fast delivery time that we deliver in order to maximize the right opportunities.

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